BrainSkip 4 – Trick Or Treat Or Torture?Trick Please!

SEE – SAW So, it’s Halloween, Will you (a) sit around and tell each other ghost stories, (b) watch a mildly scary movie where the heroine survives after being chased around by some masked freak, (or there’s probably an old episode of Sex and the City which has the same thing) or (c) would you much prefer the new tradition of sitting through 2 hours of the delightfully named Torture Porn as it’s been dubbed with the release of Saw 7 …in 3D. (What next? LEGO © Saw) ... Read More

BrainSkip Issue 3 – Shakespearean Scale Betrayal and Sport…Discuss!

BrainSkip 3 -Shakespearean Scale Betrayal and Sport. Discuss! ROONEY So, in honour of the week that Wayne Rooney turned into the latest Iago of premiership football, unhappy with his quadzillion pounds a week for kicking a pigs bladder around a pitch, threatening to leave United before eventually signing a new deal, while on the verge of betraying Alex “Othello” Ferguson, (Othello of course because that’s what he sounds like when he’s trying to say “I tell you”... Read More


THE SOCIAL NETWORK – ALL THINGS AARON SORKIN AND DAVID FINCHER The Social Network is released this week, bringing together the very different talents of David Fincher, Director of modern classics such as Seven, Zodiac and Fight Club and Aaron Sorkin, Writer and Creator of The West Wing to tell the story of Facebook. Ok, you’re right, that sentence seems very odd. And really, a film about Facebook, how interesting could it possibly be. Actually. Very Interesting. And... Read More

BrainSkip vol 1, Issue 1

GOLF  – I KNOW, I NEVER THOUGHT I’D WRITE ABOUT IT EITHER! Ryder Cup Golf Mania! Yes, this time honoured sport of the upper classes that bores the rest of us to death but once every two years, it gets some of us more sceptical laymen interested. Europe vs. America. Croissant vs. Hamburger. Single Malt Versus Sour Mash, Moms Apple Pie versus something much more sophisticated.   In the week that Europe took back the Ryder Cup thanks to another Irishman, (ok, Northern... Read More

James Bond – Licensed to Act…While he waits!

James Bond, Licensed to Act! As the latest Bond adventure is stalled, due to legal wranglings,Keith, takes a look at Craig’s acting credentials he’ll have to lean on while he waits for the dust to settle. The Scene: A dark interior – dusty, sinister, without a single shaft of sunlight. Suddenly, a figure, dressed in black, smashes through the roof to the floor. Raising himself slowly, carefully – calling into play every actorly instinct – the imposing Daniel... Read More

Time Out Interview – Cruel and Unusual

Comedian Keith Farnan on the death penalty Is having a laugh really the best way to raise awareness of the inequities of the US death penalty? Comedian Keith Farnan thinks so, and pleads his case (being Irish helps apparently…) I recently became quite adept at causing abrupt changes in people’s facial expressions. I can cause a multitude of tics and twitches with one simple sentence: I’m an Irish stand-up doing a comedy show about the death penalty in America. Now read... Read More

Scotsman – Edinburgh Blog 26/8/10

This is only my third Edinburgh Festival and it seems like a lifetime ago when I did my first one two years ago, and yet I’ve  noticed a pattern emerging in the past few years in conversations with most Standups. When asked whether they are doing Edinburgh, several comedians who are not doing it respond with something along the lines of “No,I’m getting married”, “I’m buying a house” or “I really need that operation” To paraphrase Bill Shankley, “People say... Read More

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