BrainSkip 8 – Thanksgiving for Black Friday!

THANKSGIVING FOR BLACK FRIDAY! Right now, there’s very little to give thanks about in our fair country so I’m going to look across the ocean to our American friends who are giving Thanks this week to their Native American ancestors for peacefully accommodating the ever expanding needs of the pilgrim. That’s about as much spin as you can put on it. Really. Hopefully they’re having a good time. (Please, stay in that good mood, because we will soon be emigrating en masse... Read More

BrainSkip 7 – What have the Germans ever done for us?

BRAINSKIP 7 – WHAT HAVE THE GERMANS EVER DONE FOR US? So, in the week that Ireland ceases to be a republic and now has all the the sovereignty of Liechtenstein, it’s time for us to reflect on what sort of cultural shift is about to take place as we align ourselves with our new paymasters. FUN FACTS ABOUT GERMANY – There are over 82 million people there. (This is how the www.Fun Facts about Germany kicks off, I’m not kidding!) DOWNFALL PARODIES Ok,... Read More

BrainSkip 6 – Yippee Ki Yay, Professor Snape!!

BRAINSKIP 6 – YIPPEE-KI-YAY PROFESSOR SNAPE! This weeks BrainSkip is dedicated to things Rickman! In honour of two encounters with the Anglo-Villain himself, the first when he walked into a Dublin restaurant and sat down next to me, causing me to nearly utter the words above. The second encounter was watching him perform at the Abbey Theatre in an Ibsen play I’d never heard of. John Gabriel Borkman.(Ok, so I’ve only ever heard of one Ibsen Play, so sue me) Oh yes, and... Read More

BrainSkip 5 – The Kids Are All Right…(Aren’t they?)

THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT. (AREN’T THEY??) Last week saw the release of perhaps the finest mainstream Sperm-donor/love triangle/Modern lesbian mother’s drama of all time. OK, you’re right, it may be the only film of its kind… With a cast that screams “Oscars, Over here”, the film stars Annette Benning, Julianne Moore, Mark Ruffalo (How can such a good actor have a name that rhymes with Gruffalo??) and Mia Wasikowska(the girl from Tim Burtons Alice in Wonderland), none... Read More

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