BrainSkip 12 – The Twelve Films of Xmas!

BRAINSKIP 12 – THE TWELVE FILMS OF XMAS Avoiding all the misery that snow has brought those travelling home this xmas, and all the political disasters that will no doubt continue into the new year as well as world war 3 starting on the Korean peninsula, lets just all shut the world out and watch these 12 movies over xmas. 1. Die Hard On the first day of xmas, my true love gave to me, a long hard night in Nakatomi! The story of the worst ever Xmas party ever, just gets... Read More

BrainSkip 11 – According to Wikileaks, There is no Santa!

BRAINSKIP 11 – ACCORDING TO WIKILEAKS, THERE IS NO SANTA! In honour of this weeks star of the show, Julian Assange, (Assange derived from the Australian, Ass-Anger –which translates to In Your Face World!!!) was released on bail in London this week after accusations of sexual assault in Sweden for having unprotected sex (very catholic of him) and also of having sex with a woman who was asleep, (also a very ..yeah you see where I’m going) So this week, we’re wondering... Read More

BrainSkip 10 – The Beginners Guide to Protesting

BRAINSKIP  – THE BEGINNERS GUIDE TO PROTESTS This year has been quite the year for protests across the world, but this week, protesters appeared to up their game. BrainSkip has decided to take a look at the moment that people crack, when they decide that whatever misery they’ve been enduring has been exceeded by some callous act or cut by a government or a business. Whether it’s students protesting fees, fans protesting kick-off times, or one man protesting on behalf... Read More

BrainSkip 9 – Snow BrainSkip, Snow Way!

SNOW BRAINSKIP, SNOW WAY! One of the most peaceful times on earth is when the snow falls (except in North Korea, there is no word for peacetime in North Korea, there is only bombing the crap out of everyone, and waiting to bomb the crap out of everyone). It slows everybody down. Strangers talk to each other on the street to make sure they’re ok, which allows the creepy and more deranged people in society fit in for just a little while, feigning concern for the slippery snow,... Read More

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