BrainSkip 15 – The Ricky Gervais Tribute Act

BRAINSKIP 15 – THE RICKY GERVAIS TRIBUTE ACT This week was a tough one for RG, creator of the Office and his own cartoon show based on the true comedic mutterings of Carl Pilkington, who in my mind is truly the engine behind most of Ricky G’s success.(I’m just trying to come up with various ways to make the name Ricky Gervais cool, lets face it, it’s not a cool name, it’s just not, so lets try to look past this and make it cool) Ricky Tick! He opened the... Read More

BrainSkip 14 – I Wish I Was Someone Else, by Brian Cowen

BRAINSKIP 14 – I WISH I WAS SOMEONE ELSE, BY BRIAN COWEN. In a week where it was revealed that Brian Cowen, aka BC, leader of Iceland, sorry I meant Ireland, was discovered to have been having dinner with the leaders of Anglo-Irish, the bank that brought Ireland to its knees, his departure from the international stage is imminent. He must be wondering how this happened or how it has all come to this, and I wonder if he’s been thinking about how different it could have been.... Read More

BrainSkip 13 – What to look forward to in 2011!

BRAINSKIP 13 – WHAT TO LOOK FORWARD TO IN 2011! It’s January, everyone’s brain is still stuck in the mud of leftover Roses and Belgian Biscuits before we go back to our real lives of Rich Tea Biscuits and no chocolates whatsoever. This is the atypical month when bookstores sell more Self help books than ever before, because we’ve eaten too much, drank too much, thought too little and now the Guilt is upon us and we must repent through Evening Classes, Diets that Don’t... Read More

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