BrainSkip 19 – Election Day, Doomsday, Radiohead Day!

BrainSkip 19 – Election Day, Doomsday, Radiohead Day! ENDA THE WORLD As the song goes, todays the day the teddy bears have their picnic. But just who exactly will lead that picnic. That’s the question being answered by the Irish People. There’s a lot of support for Independent candidates who are claiming they’re part of the Unified Left or the Splintered Right, or the Up yours in the Middle, but whatever happens it looks like we’re going to be lead by a man... Read More

BrainSkip 18 – Valentines Day Massacre

BrainSkip 18 –  Valentines Day Massacre The falling of Valentines day on a Monday this year meant that many were saved the torment of whether or not to take their loved one to an overpriced under-serviced eatery of dubious regard in an effort to fit in with the international Day of Love © Hallmark). Of course, St. Valentines Day has a special place in the hearts of the Irish as Dublin is where the body of St. Valentine has been entombed. That’s right. Welcome to the Country... Read More

BrainSkip 17 – The Beginners Guide to Heckling. Don’t!

BRAINSKIP 17 – THE BEGINNERS GUIDE TO HECKLING.DON’T! HECKLER Last week, while gigging in the lovely town of Birmingham, I asked the question, of the ladies I add, of what they liked about Irishmen. Several shouted the voice, accent etc.. While one gentlemen shouted Passports. When asked why he shouted passport, he said, it’s good so they can go home, because all the roads have been built. Having put the heckle down with the customary, “We only built the road to your... Read More


BRAINSKIP 16 – THE JOY OF ELECTIONS – BACK TO MY GAFFE! In a week when all of Egypt has followed Tunisia out the door of revolution and into the main squares of ousting autocrats, it seemed the right time to reflect on the banana skin that is politicking to lead a country. Only this week did Ireland see the beginning of the campaigning to take over the captaincy of our very own “Titanic” as it were. The only difference is of course, that we’ve already hit the... Read More

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