BrainSkip 23 – Free the Beast!

BRAINSKIP 23 – FREE THE BEAST! In a week when the UK’s services are getting cut to shreds and George Osborne is promising to unleash his inner Hawk in terms of looking at costs and fuel and all sorts of other elements that do not resemble mice in any way, it felt like the right time to do an animal friendly BrainSkip. We’ve already had St. Patricks Day this month, celebrating his ridding the country of snakes. Of course, a little known fact is that were only three... Read More

BrainSkip 22 – Reasons to Love St. Patricks Day

BRAINSKIP 22 – REASONS TO LOVE ST. PATRICKS DAY. Ok, so today most people are re-enacting the Hangover, desperately trying to reconstruct the events of the night before, while trying to figure out where their lost friend is. (He’s on the roof! Whatever building you are in right now, your lost friend is on the roof!) Let me tell you that. Yesterday, the Irish were celebrated all over the world. It’s an amazing phenomenon that such a small country is celebrated globally.... Read More

BrainSkip 21 – Guilty Pleasures

BRAINSKIP 21 – GUILTY PLEASURES Ok, so this week sees the release of the first of the major, alien invasion wildly overblown effects movie with Aaron Echart playing a soldier on the ground in Battle LA, a la Tom Cruise in War of the Worlds. But with weapons. Chances are it will be terrible. Chances are I will be utterly disappointed and it will not revive the giddy joy I felt when I first saw Independence Day destroy everything and yet still clap along. And yet still,... Read More

BrainSkip 20 – The Ugly, The Bad and The Good

BrainSkip – The Ugly, The Bad and The Good The Ugly This week saw the ongoing trailblazing antics of the misunderstood artist Charlie Sheen, whose ongoing inability to fully reintegrate with the universe that once loved and cherished him is causing him to be compared with Gadaafi in terms of quotes that are so indistinguishable as to be laughable. Go to this site to try out the test as to who said which, I scored 8/10, which is pretty good, methinks! ... Read More

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