Kilkenny Cat Laughs Festival 3rd June – Kidocracy and other stuff

I’ll be appearing at one of my favourite festivals at the start of next month and I’ll also be bringing Kidocracy to Kilkenny. Tickets available here.      Read More

March 19th – Anonymous at the Glasgow International Comedy Festival

Anonymous will be heading to the Stand as part of the Glasgow International Comedy Festival on the 19th March. Support will be from Derek Ryan. There’s a little blurb below with some reviews. cheers. K Liberty. Privacy. Comedy. Irish comedian Keith Farnan’s show combines all of these elements before the first two disappear in his brand new hour ‘Anonymous’.   Every... Read More

19th Feb: Bad Socialist-work in progress @ Leicester Comedy Festival

My new show Bad Socialist will be previewing at the Leicester Comedy Festival. It’s sort of like Bad Santa, but with Socialism instead of Santa. I think I’ve pretty much failed at everything but being a bad socialist is the thing that might affect the most people, so it’s like a really long funny apology. To everyone. Everywhere. Unless of course I discover being... Read More

Coming Soon – Kidocracy

Kidocracy is an interactive theatre show for children aged 6+, presented by Brehon, an ancient Irish know-it-all. He’s appeared from the past because adults have made such a mess of ruling, kids are to be given an island where they’re to be in charge but it isn’t easy as we soon find out because it’s not just all fun, fun, fun when you’re in charge,... Read More


The JUST FOR LAUGHS FESTIVAL MONTREAL is coming to LONDON where I will be performing my latest show, ANONYMOUS, a show about a world without privacy, which is this world, not just some other world I’ve come back from, that’ll be the next show. The show will be  on the 14th July at The Mix. Details can be found on the website. If you... Read More

Anonymous Preview – Channel 4 Utopia

Anonymous - (New show previewing now) ANONYMOUS – PREVIEWING It’s that time again for a new show to roll out in whatever mess I can create, so there’ll be previews of this new show, where I’ll be rambling on about the idea of privacy and other notions that come to me about identity but it’ll be hopefully an enjoyable ride, as in, if you come along to... Read More

Fear Itself at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

My new show, Fear Itself will be playing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival from the 1st-25th August – (No show 13th) Tickets on sale here. There’s all sorts of blurb about it but it’s on at 6.20pm every day at the Underbelly, Cowgate and will be doing its best to be all it can be, every day. Any questions, find me on Twitter... Read More

Showtime USA – Live From Amsterdam – July 5th 11pm

Showtime USA  – Live from Amsterdam – July 5th 11pm For the first time,lovely American  people will get a chance to wonder at how they let hairy people on TV (or Showtime at least, which is like posh subscription TV) when Live from Amsterdam will be broadcast on July 5th at 11pm featuring my good self, Junior Simpson, Christina Pazsitzky and Burt Kreischer. Burt... Read More

Money, Money, Money – RTE 2,December 15th,10pm

MONEY, MONEY, MONEY: KEITH FARNAN VERSUS THE ECONOMY Money, Money, Money: Keith Farnan Versus The Economy is a 40-minute comedy documentary adapted from Keith Farnan’s critically acclaimed stand-up show of the same title with interviews, archive footage and insights. Written and presented by lawyer-turned-comedian Keith Farnan, the programme takes a long hard look at the... Read More

Michael Mcintyre’s BBC Comedy Roadshow

Michael Mcintyre’s BBC Comedy Roadshow This show was recorded with the amazing Zoe Lyons, Andrew Lawrence and Tommy Tiernan in the Olympia Theatre in Dublin. Favourite moment – When I walked onstage for one of my biggest gigs ever and said I was from Cork and the Dublin crowd booed for so long, they had to edit it out of the filming. Class. Start with the boos end with... Read More

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