Showtime USA – Live From Amsterdam – July 5th 11pm

Showtime USA  – Live from Amsterdam – July 5th 11pm

For the first time,lovely American  people will get a chance to wonder at how they let hairy people on TV (or Showtime at least, which is like posh subscription TV) when Live from Amsterdam will be broadcast on July 5th at 11pm featuring my good self, Junior Simpson, Christina Pazsitzky and Burt Kreischer. Burt and myself are the hairy ones it should be pointed out. Christina has no beard and Junior might have been working on it. The show was filmed in a converted something in Amsterdam, we were never able to work out what the building was used for but it was a great gig and a lovely audience. There were some other great comedians on the series and I could name them all but I’d leave someone out and there’d be offense taken and I’d be off the Comedian xmas card list but for those in Ireland, keep an eye out for Kyle Kinane who’s coming from America to the Iveagh Gardens Festival in July. The nearest thing to an American Dylan Moran I’ve ever seen. That’s it! More fun later.

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