Anonymous Preview – Channel 4 Utopia


It’s that time again for a new show to roll out in whatever mess I can create, so there’ll be previews of this new show, where I’ll be rambling on about the idea of privacy and other notions that come to me about identity but it’ll be hopefully an enjoyable ride, as in, if you come along to a preview, it’ll be like sitting at a dinner table with only one person who can talk and that’s me and you can’t escape.

Anyway, the show is constantly morphing because  every day we find out more and more about how little we have in the way of time to ourselves as the governments or the world make sure that our emails and browsing history are all good and proper. You’re not a conspiracy nut if they’re actually proved to be following everyone due to leaked documents as my grandma used to say.


Also, I really like this show and my head and singing feature in one of the episodes for about 3 seconds, but it was a lot of fun driving around randomly being filmed and not having a clue what was going on until it came out. Beautiful nuts I’d call it, not mine btw.

Gigs list is finally updated for the next while, and hopefully we’ll see each other along the road.



  • Anonymous Preview – Channel 4 Utopia