BrainSkip 6 – Yippee Ki Yay, Professor Snape!!


This weeks BrainSkip is dedicated to things Rickman! In honour of two encounters with the Anglo-Villain himself, the first when he walked into a Dublin restaurant and sat down next to me, causing me to nearly utter the words above. The second encounter was watching him perform at the Abbey Theatre in an Ibsen play I’d never heard of. John Gabriel Borkman.(Ok, so I’ve only ever heard of one Ibsen Play, so sue me) Oh yes, and something called Harry Potter and the Deathly Shallows But Entertaining Nonetheless is released this week.


An unusual Title to be sure, but Ibsen didn’t know how relevant he would be to Ireland in the 21st Century with his play about a disgraced Bank Manager who paces the cage that is the upstairs of his former home, having spent several years in prison for defrauding the public. Of course, it is a piece of utter fiction as no disgraced Banker in Ireland will ever spend a minute behind bars, unless it’s the bars of the Costa del Sol along with the other criminals.

Featuring a behemoth performance by Fiona Shaw, one of those actresses you take for granted until she walks out on stage and you realise you’ve been missing something by not seeing this woman act. She plays the wife who cannot bear the disgrace that has been brought on the family name as opposed to the poverty endured by thousands as a result of her husbands wrongdoing and in a character we should find only loathsome, she manages to make her human and even pitiable if not quite likeable. She’s matched beat by beat by Lindsay Duncan, who is sharpness personified as the sister who saves the family from disgrace by buying the family Estate and allowing the Borkmans to live in it.

The triumvirate of power-housing is completed by the Americans favourite Anglo-Villian, Alan Rickman who is all isolated delusion and rage as to how the Banks will come running to him, how they can’t operate without him, how he will have his time again. Eventually, he’s just left to die in the snow. A standing ovation was the order of the night, but whether it was for his performance or for the death of a Banker in the cold, we will never know.


Some of us remember Summers when the number one song in a music chart could actually last longer than it takes to download the next load of claptrap. Yes, I’m getting old, I’m allowed to use the word claptrap. Sometimes, this wasn’t a good thing however, like the time when we all wanted to kill Bryan Adams for soaking our ears in the fetid honey that was “Everything I do, I do it for you”, (not true Bryan, not true, you would have shaved off your tongue if you’d intended to do the decent thing for anyone) The all too glossy Kevin Costner made for an improbable Robin Hood, scrapping with the likes of Christian Slater. The only saving grace was the slithering syllables of Sherwoods Sheriff, with some of the finest one liners a comedy villain has ever uttered. “…Call off Christmas!!”

This is an amazing mash of Jeremy Irons Singing from the Lion King matched up to clips of Rickman talking,…How do people find the time to do this….ah!StudentsJ


One of the funniest in the French and Saunders series of take offs of movies was their Making of the Filming of The Making of…Harry Potter and the ChamberPot of Azerbijan!! Or something to that effect. Jeremy Irons is back to bring a whole bag of smackdown on Rickman!!


Finally, there is actually a Gentle Metal homage to the Die Hard catchphrase, which has been edited nicely with clips from 80’s Action movies, which is quite entertaining, and which proves the 80’s weren’t actually that bad…, which is great as Ireland is currently in the process of returning to them.


Somebody sent me this ages ago, saying what a cool tattoo it was from the Die Hard films. I didn’t get it until I saw Die Hard recently and remembered that he taped the gun to his back at the end of the film. Legend!


A gaming genius decided to combine Die Hard and Zombies in this mini game take on the classic, with an attack on Necrotomi Plaza…silly, simple, slaying the undead. What more do you want on your Friday!!!

  • BrainSkip 6 – Yippee Ki Yay, Professor Snape!!