BrainSkip 22 – Reasons to Love St. Patricks Day


Ok, so today most people are re-enacting the Hangover, desperately trying to reconstruct the events of the night before, while trying to figure out where their lost friend is. (He’s on the roof! Whatever building you are in right now, your lost friend is on the roof!) Let me tell you that. Yesterday, the Irish were celebrated all over the world. It’s an amazing phenomenon that such a small country is celebrated globally. Even Germany celebrated yesterday, and we owe them Quillions of Euros, and still they like us. It makes you proud. Or it makes you wonder whether people just like the fact that they get to drink. No other country’s national day is celebrated so widely and even though our love of St. Patrick is conditional. He was the man who got rid of paganism in Ireland. Pagans dance around fires and have sex. It’s like a Kings of Leon album. Now, we just have Christianity, and that gave us the Christian Brothers. Thanks St. Patrick. Thanks a lot. I’m sure the wounds will heal from the beatings we all endured. Anyway, there are some reasons to love St. Patricks Day and here are some of them.


The Swedish Chef,Animal and Beaker, perhaps, three of my favourite non-real people, all together, celebrating Ireland. Well sort of celebrating it, more like gently mocking Danny Boy. Which I’ve never actually heard sung by anyone. Ever. Now Fields of Athenry, there’s a song.

And just because I’m in the mood, here’s the Ode To Joy. Truly, it does what it says on the tin.


So we owe everyone. And we have no money. And some of my plans to make a quick €85,000,000,000 (yes, that’s what it looks like when you write it down ) include selling Ireland to Coca Cola, so they can paint their logo across the country and Aliens will never ever know what the Pepsi challenge was. Here’s another way we can make money. By Dancing.


With the forthcoming decider of the Six Nations, (well, for England at least), Ireland have to call up their reserves of pride to try and avoid defeat on home turf to the Auld Enemy. However, pride may be dented by this hilarious take on Rugby by Irelands own Dead Cat Bounce, Irelands own Rock N Roll Monty Python!


I didn’t quite get this until I saw the original ad of Adrien Brody singing in such a bizarrely, I’m trying to be sexy but I’m really not getting it right. And then we transpose it to an Irish bar. So watch the original first and we’ll go from there.

And now see what happens on St. Patricks Day.


When inebriated, men genuinely do believe that they can play drum solos along to various songs. Here’s Rowan Atkinson taking it to another level entirely. If only life came with someone syncing our imagination with sound effects.

Happy St. Hangovers Day everyone!

  • BrainSkip 22 – Reasons to Love St. Patricks Day