BrainSkip 18 – Valentines Day Massacre

BrainSkip 18 –  Valentines Day Massacre

The falling of Valentines day on a Monday this year meant that many were saved the torment of whether or not to take their loved one to an overpriced under-serviced eatery of dubious regard in an effort to fit in with the international Day of Love © Hallmark). Of course, St. Valentines Day has a special place in the hearts of the Irish as Dublin is where the body of St. Valentine has been entombed. That’s right. Welcome to the Country where love goes to die.

Of course, there were many ways to celebrate the day away. You could overthrow your government/despot leader – shout out goes to Egypt, Bahrain, and who knows maybe Libya and Yemen soon or you could propose to your girlfriend of one year in front of a Shopping Mall full of people in what must be the most disastrous Proposal since Charles said to Diane, “Please be my bethrothed and make me the happiest man in the world by marrying me Camill…I mean Diane!”


Ok, in so many ways, he deserves what’s coming to him, Food Court, in front of people, with a backing singer. But it’s extraordinary to watch the slow unravelling of delusional romance in a mall full of strangers. It reminds me of the Simpsons Valentines episode where Ralph Wiggam wants Lisa to be his Valentine and when she crushes his hopes, you can see the moment recorded with his heart breaks. Painful. But yes, you know you laughed.


James Franco didn’t have time to celebrate Valentines Day, he was too busy getting advice from Judd Apatow about what to say and what not to say at the Oscars.


Speaking of the Oscars, Banksy is up for one for Exit Through The Gift Shop, a funny and intelligent documentary that makes you question its very premise of the exposure of celebrity right up until the last moment of the film. It’s one of those, Usual Suspect Documentaries, except you never get to figure out who Kaiser Shoze really was. To celebrate his nomination, he’s been running around LA putting up graffiti like Charlie Burn (above) but he raised some heckles only a few months ago with his depiction of the Fox Networks underground tunnel system of asian slaves making merchandise and hand drawing the cartoon for the Simpsons.


This is how some people refer to having to dole out for dinner, flowers and chocolates during an era where we strive for equality between the sexes. But here’s the best example of the PT being exposed for what it is. Hilarious.


Last weekend saw very few rugby widows on St. Valentines day as their was no game on the Monday. Obviously. However, England may soon want to bury their new talent, Chris Ashton if he keeps making one handed tries. Here’s some examples of h


Today sees the release of the King of Limbs, Radioheads new album, a shame that they didn’t make it out in time for Valentines day. The question is when are they going to do their covers of great Love Songs Album. That’s all we want to know. Here’s their finest metaphysical questioning of the need for the Music Video ever.

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