BrainSkip 20 – The Ugly, The Bad and The Good

BrainSkip – The Ugly, The Bad and The Good

The Ugly

This week saw the ongoing trailblazing antics of the misunderstood artist Charlie Sheen, whose ongoing inability to fully reintegrate with the universe that once loved and cherished him is causing him to be compared with Gadaafi in terms of quotes that are so indistinguishable as to be laughable. Go to this site to try out the test as to who said which, I scored 8/10, which is pretty good, methinks!

Somehow, the Taiwanese have gotten their hands on the idea that Charlie hangs out with an imaginary snowman and a dancing girl. I reckon only Charlie can see the snowman at this stage.

The Bad

So there’s now a Civil War in Libya for all intents and purposes, with what could be the bloodiest coup in the Middle East for some time. And what happens, somebody goes out and makes a rave track with the leader lip synching, which makes it really hard to take him seriously and might just be part of the reason that he’s so ticked off right now. I mean, what other tyrant has had to put up with lampoonery, Genghis Khan didn’t have a youtubed version of his slaughter to the cheeky girls, Hitler never had Cristallnacht accompanied by Sesame Street Muppets, but now it’s open season with lampoonery!! Next up, the Robert Mugabe Coldplay Cover!

The Good

Ah, sometimes an ad comes along that’s so adorable, so lovely, so downright cute that you have to destroy it with the most amazing parody. Take a bow, Toyota!

Franco and Hathaway failed to survive the Oscars with their presenter reputation intact which is a shame as I actually think they’re both pretty funny, but when it comes to landing the Oscars, it’s a tough gig and it’s a hard act to follow, especially my favourite of all time, David Niven dealing with a streaker across stage with an incredible putdown. Literally. These days, a presenter would probably just scream “Security!” And that’s just not that witty!

And the comedians have always had the best turns, Bob Hope, Billy Crystal and here’s Chris Rock doing his thang. Which is an excellent thang btw.

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