BrainSkip 24 – Fortune Favours the Brave…and the Foolish!

BRAINSKIP 24 – Fortune Favours the Brave…and the Foolish.

After BrainSkip’s adventures down a mountain last week, where BrainSkip went Ski-ing and therefore couldn’t do a Brainskip,but could have done a BrainSKi, if he’d had his pun on, we felt it was time to honour some of the bravest/stupidest things we’ve seen online recently.


This is the kind of event that we need for the Olympics. Cobra Throwing. That would get audience figures up and kids interested in Sport. At last. The perfect Solution. My favourite comment on this is. ”What the Cobras are thinking!WTF!”


I never thought I’d be saying I thought Britney Spears was brave and there’s a chance that this was faked, but still, it takes brains/stupidity to get into a conversation with the people from Jackass, which ends with, “you lead the way”….to a bungy-portaloo!.


If this video is true, then we are all brave for just driving along Motorways while random Trees try to kill us by shooting planks from the sides of Trucks. (shooting planks, see what I did there) A lady driving along in Wisconsin was filming a truck because it was driving dangerously, and then this happened. Or did it?


You don’t often equate Golf with Guts and Glory, but there’s something to be said for walking up to a Tree and saying, “I’m going to hit this ball right past you and onto the green, even though it might cost me the Tournament!”. Ok, I’m not sure if Phil Mickelson actually said that, but I’m pretty sure that’s what went through his head.


This the technical term for looking like an idiot while strapped to two planks of wood or polyethelyne or whatever ski’s are made of and embracing gravity with just a little bit too much zeal!

  • BrainSkip 24 – Fortune Favours the Brave…and the Foolish!