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Yes, this time honoured sport of the upper classes that bores the rest of us to death but once every two years, it gets some of us more sceptical laymen interested. Europe vs. America. Croissant vs. Hamburger. Single Malt Versus Sour Mash, Moms Apple Pie versus something much more sophisticated.   In the week that Europe took back the Ryder Cup thanks to another Irishman, (ok, Northern Irishman, lets not get political) BrainSkip look at some of Golfs more quirky contributions to Life, Culture, and the Internet, which is neither Life, nor Culture.


First golf site ever to make me laugh

Highlight – 10 reasons to play golf instead of anything else– No.1 below


Before Adam Sandler decided to annoy us all with a plethora of unforgettable films(except for Punch Drunk Love, which is exceptional and it’s like his twin brother turns up and plays this beaten down unlucky in love suit wearing garage owning adorable freak), he delivered Happy Gilmore, a sweet, funny venture of the working man into the White Collar world of golf. With alligators, Carl Weathers and a Run up golf swing that looked ridiculous, but has been secretly tried by every golfer, in a driving range, when nobody else is looking.

Close Second – Tin Cup

Don’t Watch – The Legend of Bagger Vance


Vijay Singh sends a ball across the water in a way reminiscent of a young J. Christ did in his golfing days, and puts it in the hole.

There is no historical precedent for a golfing superhero(as far as I know, maybe Bruce Wayne went out for a sneaky back 9 and never told anyone, “Where’s Batman?”  – “On the 16th Fairway?), however, we did manage to find a picture of what his Golf Buggy could look like…

I thought the Great Gatsby played Golf, but I’ve been assured he didn’t. He should have, might have made him a bit more interesting.

In your fictional face, Gatsby!.


American Presidents can’t get enough of this game. Of course, the biggest swingers were JFK and Will Clinton, so the jokes write themselves. Barack Obama prefers Basketball and George W. preferred just watching! Irish leaders have never really had the fitness for it.

Who knows what this civilised game might do for the troubled regions of the world?

Get Mahmoud ahmadinejad to chill out with a four ball and he might stop wanting those heavy water reactors. Whatever you do, don’t play I-spy with him.  However, some dictators take it too far as Kim Jong Il of North Korean Golf Championship fame made claims that he once shot a 38, complete with 11 holes-in-one. We’ll leave the last word with Winston Churchill.

“Golf is a game whose aim is to hit a very small ball into an even smaller hole, with weapons singularly ill-designed for the purpose.” – W.C.


For the truly committed, black t-shirt wearing, trash metal loving, golf freak in us all, here’s some lovely tattoos


If you can’t be bothered buying a Playstation 3 just to play Tiger Woods Golf:(Deluxe Escort Edition 2011 ©)   Then try

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