Fear Itself

The world is fuelled by fear. Global fears; plague, war, asteroids, a robot uprising. Everyday fears; dying, meaninglessness, random violence, spiders. In all this, the key ingredient is uncertainty. Dithering leaders do not instil confidence. The indecision of a doctor does not inspire hope. Wavering lovers fail to arouse joy. But despite our days being filled with worries we continue to function and, without this uncertainty and fear, there is no love, there are no triumphs. There is nothing worthy without fear. Dammit. Franklin D. Roosevelt once said we have nothing to fear but fear itself, and then America dropped two nuclear bombs on a civilian population creating quite an addendum to the list of things to be frightened of. Nowadays, the world doesn’t need North Korea to throw a tantrum to be afraid. People can be terrified all on their own, especially if they have a fear of loneliness. However, there are some who are willing to do whatever it takes to overcome fear and embrace uncertainty. Then, there are others who attempt to make a living out of both. Keith Farnan is the latter.

During the preparation for the show, I was asked to write a piece for the Scotsman about independence.Despite my tongue being firmly in my cheek, it resulted in various death threats being sent to me via twitter. Which means they weren’t real. Right?  Read the piece here.


4 Stars for Keith Farnan

“Keith Farnan’s appeal is that he is both a loveable Irish rogue and an acerbic politico. An agile performer, Farnan is able to flit between the endearing absurdities of traditional social mores and the Big Questions of love, life and death”- BROADWAY BABY.