Money, Money, Money

Money, Money, Money  explores Ireland’s brief love affair with vast amounts of money and fiscal meltdown, and presents some cunning plans to repay the €85,000,000,000,000 Ireland now owes to Europe and the IMF. This may include hoodwinking Abba Fans into paying money to see a show that’s not about Abba, but sounds like it might be. Keith has toured the major economic hotspots of the world; Switzerland, China, Greece, and obviously Ireland. Looking at how the world went from simple bartering souls to credit loving quadzillionaires, Keith asks what the price of happiness and love is, and why can’t we get a stock market going on emotions? Was Jesus a capitalist or a communist, and will we discover whether credit default swaps are really just financial swingers’ parties? Most importantly he’ll look at the devastating psychological effects money has had on the Irish psyche as it attempts to take itself, not just out of recession, but out of a depression as well. As we all know, there are no therapists in Ireland, only barmen. Even Freud said, “Psychoanalysis is of no benefit to the Irish.” Keith might just prove him wrong.

Money, Money, Money was adapted for television as a stand-up documentary and shown on RTE in Ireland. A trailer can be seen below.

5 Stars for Keith Farnan

“Never before have economists, tax avoidance or the Euro Zone crisis been so raucously hilarious. Farnan is utterly charming throughout,  regaling us with a variety of witty anecdotes.”


Money, Money, Money -RTE Trailer