Sex Traffic

5 Stars for Keith Farnan

“This is political comedy at its best, perfectly balanced, deadly serious and very funny”


5 Stars for Keith Farnan

“Incisive, brilliant comedy…We should be shouting from the rooftops about him.”


4 Stars for Keith Farnan

“Farnan has taken the age-old women are from Venus, men are from Mars line and given it a sharp, funny and very relevant spin”


4 Stars for Keith Farnan

“Farnan will make you think hard and laugh even harder”


Do we value women, or do we just put a value on them? In Sex Traffic, Keith Farnan looks at whether we value women or if we simply put a value on them. In a year when Primark were caught selling push up bra’s to 7 year olds, a Doctor revealed she was the high class escort Belle De Jour,  and the Mumsnet Election returned even fewer female MP’s, women’s right to equality seems to be on the ropes, and they don’t seem to know there’s a boxing match happening. At the same time, Iceland has turned to a female Prime Minister and all the EU have turned to Angela Merkel to save them from ruin…or clean up the mess. So what do we want from women, and what do they want from themselves?